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Off topic / Re: с днем рождения / Happy Birthday Lev Dolgachov!
« : Февраль 17, 2008, 10:29:28 pm »
Ohhh Noo I am late to the party.  Happy Birthday Lev, it looks like your day was filled with many good friends.


Photography / Re: Best wide-angle zoom for Canon?
« : Февраль 17, 2008, 10:06:47 pm »

I have the EF 17-40mm f/4 L USM and I find it is soft for my tastes.... note that I am a super perfectionist... so I am willing to pay for super sharp glass.


You have such great energy... I would love to have you shoot me.  Too bad you are so very far away.

You are going to love having kids.  And yes you need a few years with them... however photography is perfect you can work around them to some degree and you will have a beautiful gregarious upbeat model at your complete disposal.

I have to wait for grand kids and that could be a very long time.


I had to laugh at this one... before I had my own son I thought raising kids would be easy.  I had visions of performing all kinds of artistic endeavors while he was angelically sleeping.  Turns out he had severe colic for 5 or 6 months and almost never slept.  Then I spent years trying to keep the little dare devil from killing himself. (LOL... helped keep me in good shape)

He was very active and climbed almost everything... maybe he helped me develop stamina and timing for tykes. Or maybe I just waited until he was so worn out he could not move much anymore... my nieces and nephews were more sedate.

;)  You are lucky to have found such a good assistant.

Thank you very much!

About kids: I shot few shots of kids in the hospital and new-borns at home. I thought I would go crazy! I have so much respect for people that make a living out of baby photography! I honestly thought its easy  :-\

Besides the fact that you have to keep the whole body in and make sure nothing strange is cut off - parents are so sensitive to my tight crops - the baby keeps on moving in and out fo focus, and one second the hand is in - another - the whole body is out.

I was so tired after an hours shooting! Sean, my husband, just moved the lights behind my back all the time - because i was moving so much, I did not even think ab lighting. Great to have a pro photographer as your assistant!

General discussion / Re: Creative & Technical Enthusiasm ~ Staying Motivated
« : Январь 02, 2008, 07:04:45 am »
Hmmm this looks interesting. Have any of you tried shooting tethered to a portable DVD player.  Seems easier to pack into a kit for travel than a larger laptop.


I don't shoot children any more... however when I did I just loved catching them in the magical moments that make being around kids so gratifying.  They just love learning and the genuine expressions that lite up their little faces... sans ego is something I miss.

Luba your image is lovely!

Lev as usual I need to be more precise in my use of words, I tend to get lazy... I was referencing your generosity in kind spirit and in general!

Something I have noticed that has stayed constant over the few years I have know you.

LOL... I am sure you are absolutely right about the rest and it has given me some food for thought... if you ever make it to the states I will buy you a drink and we can talk about my theory's regarding your words of wisdom!

I can not tell you how happy I am that you are translating some of your info into English. 

Very generous of you Lev and something I have come to understand we can expect from you.  It also shows in your work and the way that your models respond to you.  They know they can trust you and that you only have the very best of intentions for them.

Rare and becoming rarer these days.


General discussion / Re: Creative & Technical Enthusiasm ~ Staying Motivated
« : Декабрь 30, 2007, 10:08:19 pm »
I should be in good shape then... I have collected aprox 150 books regarding photography and I start each day researching some aspect of the field that I am either interested in or... LOL I am in dire need of perfecting errr improving.

Clivia, I did not know about Stumbleupon... what a fun tool for inspiration when you need to relax.

Research is my thing... however I need help getting in the "into action mode"

Perfectionism in my life is somewhat like an anchor... I am tired of dragging it around and intend this New Year to cast it off and let my sails free.

Perfection Is The Enemy Of Excellence... or even good!

we are what we eat, as i mentioned above. ;]

Photography / Re: Which web sites with great resources do you know and use?
« : Декабрь 30, 2007, 09:54:58 pm »
LOL... If I could choose one it would be google.

It helps me find solutions to questions I have regarding virtually any topic.  I even use it to find books.

I would be lost without it!

Thank you Captain, I will be buying your software very soon.

When do you expect version two to arrive?  It would be nice if the user interface were slightly more intuitive.

Karin I noticed that you posted this on another site... I am glad you found my post regarding the CushyStock software helpful!

I downloaded the trial of CushyStock and LOVE IT!!!  The ability to track rejections and acceptances is fantastic and will save me a ton of time. 

Captain...how long does the trial last? 


Are the upgrades included in the price of the software, happily it looks like you update the program fairly frequently.  I have some questions regarding the new tables you may be adding... can the info that is already in the tables be transfered to the new upgrades as you add functionality? 

Also what assurance do we have that our password info etc will remain secure.

I released new version Cushy Stock 1.5.6
Added ability to group images by EXIF tags.
You can download it here: http://www.cushystock.com

You will alway get my vote Lev... for many reasons!

Great Job Lev

:) Wow very long article... that should have taken some time to write!  The thought of writing a detailed article in a second language... for me is mind boggling.

Great Job... well done, lots of good content and some great images to illustrate!

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