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Название: February Results
Отправлено: DanPadavona от Март 01, 2008, 05:06:57 pm
I hope all of my friends in microstock had strong results in February. 

I grew earnings by 9.4% in February, and established a new personal BME. Contributions were down from January, which explains Shutterstock falling off. Even still, Shutterstock came in as my #1 earner slightly ahead of iStockPhoto.  I set individual site BME's at Dreamstime, StockXpert, 123RF, and yes even Lucky Oliver where I earned a massive 60 cents.

Lucky Oliver0.1%0.3%
Total Earnings200.86219.68

With the exception of Lucky Oliver, I was very pleased with my results everywhere. It is up to me to increase my skill level and produce better images if I am to grow earnings from here.                  

Название: Re: February Results
Отправлено: dolgachov от Март 02, 2008, 02:12:58 am
SS +30% comparing to January
IS +10%
FL +40%
SX +15%

overall  +25% comparing to January and best month ever for me.  :blob8: