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Elinchrom RX - ошибка Е4


есть здесь кто-то, кто работает со вспышками Elinchrom cерии RX?

у вас на максимальной мощности всё работает корректно?

возможно кому-то ещё пригодится:

Jan Sandvik, Jan 25, 2007; 04:40 a.m.

I hade the same error with RX600 and I got an answer directly from Elinchrom. I think it's ok I quote a part of the answer here:

"The problem E4 is an charge error detection. This happens normally when the mains supply is less than 210VAC (for 230V version) or 105VAC (for 120V version) AND the Power setting is up to maximum (PMAX)!

As long as the fault is gone after switching the unit OFF and ON again then there is no defect of the unit and you have NOT to go to your Service! BUT if the problem is coming very often, you should check the mains supply voltage, or you should use the flash unit at a lower power setting. If the mains input voltage is always very low, and the fault is comming very often at PMAX then please go to your Elinchrom service, they can readjust the flash capacitor voltage a little bit lower, then the problem will not come up again!"

When I got the error I had the strobes on full effect and I hade lots of other electrical things connected to the mains supply (even blew a fuse on that shoot so it's quite possible that the voltage dipped when 4 strobes were charging at the same time +smoke machine and some other stuff) So the E4 error makes sense to me.

Hope this helps(?)


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